Did your teacher assign you an essay? Did they ask you to include a topic sentence in your academic paper? The topic sentence supports the main thesis of an academic paper. The writer must place the topic sentence in the beginning of a paragraph. It depicts the subject of the para that comes with the point of view of the main idea. Right after the topic sentence placement, the rest of the paragraph includes the supporting sentences. The writers must present some examples and evidence after the opening sentence.

Is the topic sentence important?

Topic sentences are crucial in any academic paper supporting the main thesis. Also, a good topic sentence can be stated as a mini-thesis. It is essential as it plays a dual role in supporting the main thesis and making the subject of the paragraph clear to the readers. The topic sentences placed at the first sentence in a paragraph depicts the main idea. You can get some tips from the Reliable Assignment Help.

How to start off a topic sentence?

Each paragraph of your paper should begin with a topic sentence. The topic sentence summarizes the paragraph’s content. It should comprise two critical components:

  • The paragraph’s subject
  • The paragraph’s focal topic.

Following the topic sentence, users support your assertion with facts and examples. Additionally, you could use your topic sentences to smoothly segue between paragraphs and demonstrate the links between your views. Along with the topic sentence, this blog will help you have ideas on how to write the best assignment.

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Types and examples of topic sentences

Types and examples of topic sentences

Before learning how to compose a topic sentence, it’s helpful to understand the various forms that they might take. Here, we’ll discuss the various types and provide some topic sentences instances. Following topic sentences types

Simple assertion

This is the simplest form of a topic sentence, wherein the author makes a broad assertion. The rest of the paragraph elaborates the writer’s opinion. They are following some of the examples of topic sentences of the same type.

  • According to this research, there is a correlation between an individual’s cognitive style and the type of information they share on Twitter.
  • Those weeks just at the farmhouse provided me with some of my fondest recollections.


To avoid becoming bored with repeating the same sentence patterns, you might construct your thesis statement as direct instructions or pleas to your readers. You can write a topic sentence based on the following examples.

  • Consider the facts to understand what I mean.
  • Consider the alternative now.

Query (interrogative)

Opening a sentence with such a question is an excellent approach to pique the reader’s interest. The audience will participate as long as the paragraph remains on the subject. You may also refer to the previous section. Following are some of such questions


If your topic is complex and encompasses numerous concepts, you may utilize a complex topic phrase. This is the main idea behind the complex topic sentence. However, these are still considered “statements”. The thesis statement address and over one central theme. Following are some of the strong topic sentence examples with controlling ideas.

  • The majority of the people continue to believe in the alpha wolf hypothesis. But, the reality is that natural wolf packs do not always have a determined leader.
  • As tempting as Ayn Rand’s theories may appear to some, they lack a logical and empirical basis.


While all subject sentences must deal with the transition to some extent, they might be simply transitional in some situations. These are most effective when the subject changes dramatically, bringing attention to the transition. While writing topic sentences, refer following example and boost your writing process.

  • This was precisely how the system was, and maybe always would be, had it not been for a chance apple that fell on the head of such a young Samuel Newton.

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As with pure transitional words, pivot sentences are inserted within a paragraph. But, it is not just at the beginning. Instead, it is used to signal a change in topic. They frequently contain conjunctive verbs such as yet, meanwhile, and additionally.

How to write a topic sentence in an essay?

You will find some steps to write a successful topic sentence. Before starting with the steps, try to know the reader’s expectations. It is just like a preview of the movie. In other words, the writer can take it as the newspaper’s headline. Following are some of the steps to writing a topic sentence:

State the main idea

Clearly state the main point of the subject. The topic sentence comes precisely at the beginning of the sentence. The readers must know the idea behind essay writing right from the start. Make sure you don’t make the sentences worthy or complex. The inclusion must be the controlling idea, topic and opinion. It would help if you adopted the formal writing style, inviting the readers to read the whole essay.

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Make the balance of topic sentence

Paragraph development is a vital part of this step. It must relate to your thesis statement. Thus, there must be a perfect balance between the broad and a narrow spectrum of academic writing. The writing must not be very general or too specific. Try to maintain a balance so that it connects in the middle ground.

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Engage the readers

The perfect engagement of the readers is where the true success of any writing exists. Whether it is a single paragraph or 2, getting the reader’s attention is a must. One of the effective ways to capture their mind is by asking a question. They will be eager to know the answer. If there is a character in the essay, try to describe them in an exciting way. You can also put some dialogues.

Planning and outlining

A perfect outline is essential for any academic writing. In every new paragraph, there must be a new idea. Once you have decided on the outline, the rest of the paragraph will go smooth. Once you have the outline in your mind, constructing the following sentences will be easy. An effective topic sentence cannot come without the perfect plan of the entire paper.

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Quote some examples

Illustrations or topic sentence examples for college helps the readers to understand the concept. The definition may not be enough for several pieces of writing. An effective example with strong topic sentences creates a perfect engagement for readers. When writing the topic sentence examples for kids, you must quote effective topic sentences. You must quote topic sentence examples for kids.

Topic sentences as paragraph transitions

While writing each topic sentence, consider how it relates to what you stated in the prior paragraph. It is frequently beneficial to include transition words throughout the topic sentences to demonstrate the relationships between your concepts.

Intensify and expand

Suppose the paragraph delves into greater detail or provides another example to illustrate the same concept. In that case, the topic phrase may include terms implying emphasis or likeness (for example, furthermore, indeed, in fact, also).

Recapitulate and anticipate

If the paragraph switches to various perspectives of the same topic, the subject can summarise the preceding paragraph. It predicts the new info and main idea of the paragraph. It will emerge in the next one.

Contrast and compare

If the paragraph presents a contrast or introduces unreliable data, the topic sentence may include terms emphasizing distinction or dispute. By framing the statement as a question, you might infer contrasts or complicate your argument.

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How can I choose a topic that write an interesting essay?

Choosing an appropriate topic for an academic essay is vital. Internet is a good source for getting millions of cases with perfect sentences. The other articles may help you as well. But, a few steps are vital to finding out:

  • choose a topic of your interest
  • It should cover the appropriate length of your paper
  • Don’t choose the topic that will summarize the argument. Instead, it must be one topic for discussion.
  • Choose a topic with enough research material. A topic like global warming and environmental pollution can be compelling.

How do I write a good essay on any topic?

A good essay must have a proper introduction. The structure is another vital parameter. Discuss all the details in an effective way. After finishing the first part, don’t jump to the next paragraph suddenly. It would help if you filled in the gap with some jargon. The example can again be another vital way to explain with evidence. Students should also know the Benefits of Assignment writing checklist. Here is the complete information.

How can we write a catchy essay on any topic?

The ideas must be clear. The essays have several variations. A good topic sentence and a thesis statement are vital. Make sure you have a topic sentence in the first sentence. It must come with the main ideas. Write a topic sentence to discuss the main point. If you are looking for college level topic sentences examples, that’s pretty much available online.

The topic sentence starter must well connect the thesis statement. Before going to the new, refer to the previous paragraph. It will clarify the idea on ‘ how to write a topic sentence. Ensure the main idea with the ruling. Let the rest of the paragraph go with the flow. Try to include good  content in all sections.

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While you want to offer your readers a taste of whatever they may expect in the next paragraph, you don’t want to reveal all your cards immediately. Make no list of the topics you’re going to discuss; instead, give a brief preview of what will follow within your paragraph. You do not have to describe it all in your topic sentence; mention it so that the reader knows what to anticipate. Your question on ‘ How do I write a good essay in 20 minutes when given a topic,  has the best solution.

If your topic sentence contains an assertion, you should include the points because your article will explain it. The paragraph following the topic sentence should address and analyze whether you provide facts, views, or both. Your topic sentence should not include filler content you intend to discuss further. You can refer to other articles with opinions. The point of view must be clear.

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