Confused about how to draft a marketing research report for your assignment? 

As a freshman, it’s quite familiar for you to be nervous before sketching the silo of research based on marketing analysis, and that’s why to stop panicking first! 

You see, there’s always a first time for everything. 

Before you begin, imagine the visual of your marketing research that you’re going to conduct in the report. As you know, writing a marketing research paper is no duck hunting!

To avail an excellent grade, you need to integrate the following factors in the count, they’re:

  • ‎Understanding the methods used in marketing research 
  • How to run a market survey? 
  • ‎Situational analysis of a targeted market
  • ‎Organizing the gathered information 
  • ‎The  process of conducting market research

It would be best to use multiple references from valid sources to frame a marketing research report as a professional marketer. We will come to that one by one so that it’s easy for you to get a transparent view of a market research PPT presentation as a first-timer. 

Before moving forward, let’s scroll down to get a simplistic view of:


What exactly is market research ?


The correct definition for market research is an entire process of running a comparative analysis of a product/ service for determining it’s a response within targeted buyers and would be ‘potential buyers’ with a transparent outcome. The outcome helps a business find out the hidden market opportunities by communicating with the customers, integrating their feedback, meeting the gap analysis, etc.

Based on the marketing research report, a business owner can adopt multiple strategies to outsmart the other players in a targeted market.

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What’s the purpose of market research ? 


You must know the purpose of the market research you are conducting. The purpose of framing a market research thesis is to conduct a market survey to run a targeted market’s situational analysis. The initiative might help you to identify the performance of an established business model example that has been taken in the research compared to the other business models. One such market analysis can assist you in estimating the following things about an established business model, they’re:

  • ‎Consumer behavior
  • ‎Buying perspective of the targeted buyer
  • ‎The response of the buyers to the business in popular social media funnels 
  • ‎The potentiality of the brand 
  • ‎Understanding the customer relationship with the buyer
  • ‎Which are the significant hidden marketing zones still unexplored by the firms and how her close competitors have utilized that 
  • ‎An unbiased view of the marketing teams of the organization 


These factors can easily craft a brilliant business research thesis successfully. Framing a marketing research report based on the above-mentioned analytical research process adds gravity to your market research specimen by turning it unique from the other reports drafted by the other students. 

That’s why, to get the most unbiased and genuine view, always scan multiple online journals to research the current market news and trends that’s viral now. There are plenty of online marketing channels where a business can quickly identify its prominent identity amongst the viewers. Your research content must cover the list of those top competitive brands and the strategies they have chosen for outshining the other players in the market. It must include the buyers’ feedback who have accepted those brands’ products and the reasons behind those.

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How to place the Questions in a Research Paper?


The questions you choose in your market research thesis must have some of these questions like:

  • ‎What’s the reason behind the popularity of a product if it has good acceptance?
  • ‎Which are the factors for which the product is losing the popularity (if it’s a weak product)?
  • ‎How the comparative business models have outshined the other prominent brands 
  • ‎What’s the market statistics report saying about the brand that’s in the number 1 position?
  • ‎What are the loopholes associated with the product?
  • ‎How to identify the unique selling features and implement them in an established business to show a result-driven output?

All these queries must be in the marketing research report topics that you’re writing, as it will help the professor understand how good you’re with your research work. If the professor is convinced, he/she might award you a brilliant score for your dedication and hard work.


What is a marketing research report?


Frankly, a marketing research report is quite similar to your teacher’s performance scoreboard after the exams. That’s why you can’t scribble down anything in it. You must add multiple marketing research sample PPT slides and a marketing research report template that shows current market research news surveyed by the MNC’s. The report must have a detailed analysis of the market research data and how the marketing professionals for individual firms analyze them.

Example of a marketing research process:

Market research process

(A PPT slide based market research presentation attracts a reader quickly and analyze the research process easily)

Source Image :

Frankly, it would be an added benefit to using a PPT slide image to convince the teacher about the hard work you did for your assignment.

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Tricks used by the professionals for crafting a marketing report based on marketing research and analysis process


Professional market analysts always try to reach the extra mile while crafting a marketing research report before publishing it. Since they’re aware of the nitty-gritty of conducting primary research before writing a marketing research report, they always follow these key guidelines for presenting a marketing report.   They’re:


Hitting the main objectives right from the square one!


As a marketing student, you should nail the main objectives right from the beginning. It helps the reader to get an analytical view of the entire write up. By putting the main goals in the first few paragraphs of the report, you can easily engage a reader in it. Professors expect to see how good you’re in organizing the research report. 

Well, for that, excellent research work is a must.


Why must you survey genuine business models in your marketing research thesis?


The reason for including thorough business research in a marketing report writing guideline has been shared primarily for two reasons. It helps you to conduct a comparative analysis of the primary market research vs. the market research analyzed from other sources about a business model. Always guarantee that your market research specimen is 100% genuine.


Say, e.g., you choose the Mc. Donald’s fast-food restaurant chain for surveying its market position. What would you do next?


Your first action plan will be to collect genuine information about the business from the marketing team. Then you can put the data in a sticky note and start the market survey by asking the customers available in the market. Based on the buyer’s feedback, you can cross-examine the transparency of the company’s information provided by the company’s marketing personnel. If they overlooked any info, you could add the missing data in your notes after communicating with the buyers. 

However, by browsing some of the leading business magazines like Forbes, The Guardian, The Independent, etc. you can analyze their per year’s profit and compare it with its competitive brands. Then it’s easier to conduct marketing research on the business model that you’ve chosen.


How to examine the relationship of a business with the customers?


Relationship building is an essential factor that must not be overlooked while drawing a marketing research report on an established business model. Based on these reviews, you always get a transparent outlook of a business. Nowadays, an online presence is an essential factor for every specified business model. 

Believe it or not! Buyers are too lousy to interest businesses that don’t have a prominent presence via mobile apps. A user-friendly mobile app helps an online business to remain connected with millions of potential buyers worldwide. Analyze how profitable the business model is in building customer relationships and note the profit margin it’s hitting per year in the market research news while drafting the research analysis you did on the project. 

Initially, it will appear more of a hectic job to integrate these factors into your market analysis report. You may either consult an expert professional or connect with marketing assignment help for crafting an outstanding research paper on marketing! A professional assignment helper can turn your marketing research copy quite attractive for the professor; he/she awards you an exceptional score for your hard work!


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Analyzing and researching on the first 4 of the 7 P’s of marketing


A well-organized research paper on marketing must have 4 of the primary 7 P’s of marketing, which are identified as:







According to Phillip Kotler, the paternal figure of marketing and one of the well-known American Marketing authors believes in implementing these pivotal P’s of marketing mixes uniquely. 

He related the first P, i.e., product by referencing those companies that prefer sticking to the weak products to avoid losing a few percentages of potential buyers from the market. He opined that instead of eliminating those products, they rather focus on buyer engagement. 

Frankly, that’s one of the key reasons why a product fails to play too long in a targeted market while competing with potentially useful products. 

It’s one reason why he urged maximum buyers to put strategic thinking into action before initiating marketing tactics.  The following example might be useful to illustrate his viewpoint:

Say, e.g., a particular submarine sandwich has a 1.38US $ price tag, which is not meant for premium buyers. The other competing brands are selling it at 1.4 US$. If the percentage of sandwich buyers coming at a price of 1.38US$ is only 10-13%. Instead of sticking to those particular buyers, it’s better to raise the cost of the sandwich from 1.38 to 1.39 US$ by adding some combo features in it. 

That way, the weak product’s market value can be raised quickly by jumping the buyers’ percentage straight up to 16-18%. 

Mr. Kotler wants to balance the product with the price, which is both the most key Ps in marketing research. By pinning down such examples, it’s easy for you to draw the comparative analysis between the other 2 P’s of marketing, i.e., the ‘promotion’ and ‘place’ while framing a marketing research report that has been assigned by your teacher. 

An example based diagram that balances all these 4 P’s of marketing raises the value of the market research you’re planning to survey. 

The following chart diagram will add unique value to the market research report paper that you’re writing and help you get a good score for your sincere effort. 

The diagram displays the difference between the sales percentage before using these four marketing mixes and after using the combination of these 4 Ps of marketing.

Marketing Strategy

(A research example to demonstrate the effect of branding on the 4 pivotal P’s of marketing)

Source image:

One such presentation can raise the readability score of your marketing research specimen quickly.


How to write an attractive marketing research report post the analysis?


Your research paper of marketing will never end if you are not smart enough to point only the relevant factors in your research. It would be best to put the ideas in an organized way so that the presentation appears simple, lucid, and exciting to scroll down.


Definition of an impeccable market research thesis


The market research definition opined by Lynne Bartos, the current Vice President of C+R Research, believes that nothing can be more annoying for a market research analyst to hear from the client that ‘your research includes so many things, but it failed to nail the key research goals.’    

Now that’s why a market researcher must have a hawk-eye to analyze the critical points in a market research paper. On the top, the entire marketing research report must be lucid and straightforward enough so that it looks like a creative story telling session.


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Two things that you must not ignore before beginning a marketing research paper:


Maintain an analytical view


Your research report might look attractive with an analytical view. The chosen topics for marketing research report writing must help the reader to draw a comparative analysis of a specific company with its close competitors.


Displaying the gap analysis


A business fails to hit the expected profit margin due to many reasons. From the version of Mr.Kotler defined above, it’s easy to understand why established companies lose their ground to their close competitors. He believed that one of the reasons is ‘clinging to the weak product/ services for retaining a few buyers’ interests. 

You can categorize one such crisis factor as marketing malpractice and include it while crafting the gap analysis in your research report. Explicate the gap analysis factor like this: 

A product or service that satisfies only 15.3-15.4% of the customers and leaves out a huge percentage of a potential buyer is hitting a poor profit margin of say e.g., 16US $. The acceptance of the improvised version of the same product/service will steadily rise to 18.3-18.5% by slightly increasing the price tag into 16.5 US$ by adding a few complimentary features in it. It will quickly raise the product’s acceptance and brand value within the economic and potential buyers by hitting a reasonably good profit margin than the current profit margin.

One such situational gap analysis based example might raise the value of your market research specimen. The research copy’s unique presentation can add a brilliant academic score for the marketing research report you’re planning to prepare. 

If you’re looking ahead to an expert’s guidance to plot these particular sections in your research copy, don’t hesitate to ask for assignment writing help from the best marketing research assignment writers. They will take a few hours to craft a versatile marketing research assignment for you so that you can score an A+ grade for your outstanding research skills.


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Comparing the marketing operations of an established business model with others


It would be best if you organize the ideas after targeting the key points. Till now, you have only hooked the business gaps and analyzed how to overcome those. Now, you have to identify and compare how the taken business model can rectify its mode of operations and shine the other competitors. 

For .eg. after conducting a market survey, an established business model says, e.g., you realized that a respective business is spending a bulk dollars on product promotion, but slightly avoiding the outcomes coming from it. Its rival brother integrated product promotion with customer relationship building, and that way, the rival brand is always a step ahead.

Using such an example gives an authentic appearance to your research paper. Use a pie diagram to establish how an established business (the example of a business you have taken) is losing its ground by-passing the essentials of branding factor and how the rival business is utilizing the opportunity.

Market Share

(A Pie chart example to analyse the market position of an established business with it’s close rival firms.)


How to identify the top competitors of an established business?


Knowing the purpose of your market research thesis is quite essential. One such research thesis will help the professors to understand the in-depth marketing knowledge of a student. The research thesis must explore those hidden areas within a targeted market that has not been explored before. One such strategy might help a business to know the competitive brands which are acing the marketing race.

The 7 P’s of marketing mixes i.e., Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Packaging, Positioning, and People, is the best way to evaluate your competitor’s potential. Frankly, a marketing research report acts more of a gathered intel for a business to decide her war strategy. By putting the first 4 P’s of the 7 P’s of marketing mixes in order one by one, it’s easy to get an overview of a rival brand. Let’s find out how:


  • i. Product factor-  Spend some time to stare at the other brands’ available products in a targeted market. Take time to analyze the tricks they’re using to engage the buyers. See the net outcome of it. Note down the name of the top competitive brands which are doing a profitable business. Follow their footsteps and compare it with the business model example you’ve chosen. 

  • ii. Price factor- The second P is another essential factor that must not be overlooked at all. Draft a research thesis to make sure how the rival brands have placed a price tag by considering a current market position’s realities. Analyze their method of retaining the existing customers and the would-be customers by categorizing the product prices based on premium, economical, and overall best pick. Compare it with the business model example you’ve taken.

  • iii. Promotion aspects – Maximum market research surveys have proved that most businesses overlook the promotional aspects after launching a new product or a service. They often either waste bulk dollars unnecessarily for ad campaigns or trivialize the customer relationship building. The example of a good promotion strategy should be equally prioritizing both the factors at a time. It’s also essential to optimize your expenses suitably on both. Look into the way business has utilized social media for promoting newly launched product brands. If the example business model is lagging somewhere, then note those areas where she needs improvement.


  • iv. Place – No matter how appealing the packaging looks, a business can’t outshine the close competitors unless it’s not aware of the right location, which is suitable for a business. Say, e.g. if there are multiple players in a market and a foreign brand is trying to penetrate it with a whole new product/service set. It will be much harder for her to leave her footmarks. Whereas, if the same business discovers a hidden marketing opportunity in a non-penetrated fresh new market and locates the place for launching a new product, automatically, the chances of engagement will be maximum. 

Compare the rival business brands’ scores using such a strategy with your business model example in the report. It might help the business owner to work on this particular ‘P’ of marketing mix.


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Maintain a creative mindset while drafting the format


Never stick to any particular format while drafting a market research report. A researcher’s mind must be creative enough to incorporate multiple formats while writing a marketing research report in your thesis paper. A true marketing nerd follows a casual tone, simplistic and lucid vocabs for presenting research. After doing business research on multiple business models, create your presentation style. Instead of following what other market research analysts follow to get a reader’s attention, build your hallmark presentation to attract a reader. Try to break yourself and experiment with multiple patterns to present research content in a report. Try for something new, exciting, and genuine so that the balance between creativity and relevancy is barely contradicted.


Adopt a storytelling approach


The research paper’s presentation must not be too dull that readers find it filled with excessive data, statistics, etc. others wrote in their market research-based analysis report. 

Think for once, who would take an interest in the market research definition you have shared, news you have gathered after conducting market research that’s monotonous one?

It’s one of the reasons for which the readers reject maximum research specimens. That’s why you can follow the ‘how,’ ‘what,’ ‘why’ elements to raise a reader’s curiosity while reading your market analysis report. 

Such a storytelling approach helps the business analysts understand where they should improve the sales figure, rectifying the loopholes, which is becoming an advantage for the rival firms. Quickly change the entire process of their operation if needed to catch the close competitors of a business.


Draft a report that readers love to scroll


Frankly, nobody wants a market research copy to be a boring one. Using too many statistics and figures without proper analysis can turn your report into a very ordinary one. That’s why you always try to use examples as much as you can from multiple resources. Scan the internet for using various case study reports to take relevant measures from the marketing case study books available. 

Suppose you’re clueless about writing a research report. In that case, you may ask the marketing expert’s help to draft market research examples and implement the best methods to make the entire thesis enjoyable, that readers love to browse through. They can render a dynamic presentation to your marketing research report so that you can score brilliant grades in the market research paper.


Should be 100% authentic


Writing a market research report is useless unless it’s non-plagiarized. Often students usually copy and paste the information available on the internet, failing to understand its aftermath. A professional writer must think out of the box while writing a marketing research report; so that it looks unique from any other research paper. A non-plagiarized content can increase your chances of securing an A+ grade from the teacher. That’s because professors take interest in the presentation style used by a student to write a research report. If the information has a unique presentation that outsmarts other reports, the research paper becomes an example for the other market researcher to report writers to follow in the footsteps.


Must have multiple references from genuine case study books


Taking references from multiple genuine sources is the best way to add a unique attraction to your research specimen. If you’re writing a marketing research report, you need to take examples from multiple sources and explicate it in your own words so that the reader can find multiple ways to interpret your research paper. Remember, a reader must not get confined within a few specific ideas while reading your research thesis on marketing. Your research examples must give a new dimension to the thinking process to present an outstanding research example. 

Using references and sharing their sources can eventually help the reader get a view of your perspective. 

That’s why a famous American Essayist like Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that ‘“Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail behind for others to follow.”

Precisely, there are multiple ways of making a research document interesting, unique, and expressive. It depends upon a writer for understanding how they’re going to present it. If you’re writing a research report on marketing, then it’s wise to keep these factors mentioned above in your mind to stay ahead of your close competitors.